BENEFITS MINT LEAVES: Type, Culinary Uses, Nutrition.

Mint leaves

In Greek, it is called Mentha. Mint leaf grow around the world. Originally, the benefits mint leaves used as a medicinal purpose for it is characteristics.

It has a strong and unique aromatic flavour. It is a popular herb and a well-known mouth freshener, that has been used for many years for its medicinal purpose. Except for mint leaves, we have been using the other green herbs like coriander, basil, rosemary, and parsley from a long time.


Mint leaves have approximately 18 species and 600 varieties, which also include peppermint and spearmint. Mint leaves often utilized in many culinary preparations in its fresh or dried form.

Also, there are many products available in the market, with a distinct minty flavour used for kitchen spices. Benefits of mint leaves, used as toothpaste, shaving gels, chewing gums, breath fresheners, candies, teas, balms, oils, and inhalers with a mint flavour are the most used.

Mint syrup is used in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Apart from these different types of mint are used to prepare various oils such as peppermint oil and spearmint.

One of the most element benefits of mint leaf is an essential oil, that provides many uses and benefit. The Mint herb/plant grows rapidly, and is usually perennial, returning each year with little maintenance. In order to harvest your own mint for use in cooking.





Types of Mint leaves.

Approximately 600 varieties, mint you can find in around the world. Some of the mint leaf edible and some of non-edible.

The non-edible mint has poisonous substance, that may be harmful to your health. For which they have different uses and different benefits of mint leaves.

I would recommend continually removing the leaves from the mint stalks throughout the growing season, as this promotes a bushier mint with more growth.

Depending upon the variety, always keep the mint well-trimmed, to prevent it from flowering, which will yield more foliage.

Benefits of Mint Leaves


 benefits and nutritions



 1. Prevents Skin Irritation and skin allergic.

This has effectively desensitised skin irritations from itching, burns, bites and stings. Rosmarinic acid is a dominant anti-oxidant contained within mint and has high anti-inflammatory properties. The benefits of mint leaves, Mint oil and menthol can be used while soaking in the bath to reduce aches, sprains and cramps.

The gentle aroma of mint leaves, used in aromatherapy acts as a relaxant, reducing anxiety and stress. Cure Allergies & allergic rhinitis. Seasonal allergies and pollinosis (also referred to as rhinitis) affect many people around the world.

Extracts of mint leaves are shown to inhibit the discharge of certain chemicals, by which it aggravate severe nasal symptoms related to pollinosis and seasonal allergies.

Skin Care with mint oil is a good antiseptic and antipyretic material, the juice obtained from mint is a wonderful skin cleanser.

Mint leaves soothe the skin and help cure infections and itchiness. Additionally, benefits of mint leaves are good for reducing pimples, it can even relieve a number of the symptoms of acne.

 2.Helpful the diseases of Cancer and Asthma patient.


Mint leaves plant

A variety of mints named Barbed Skullcap kills cancer cells by destroying the blood vessels which supply the cancerous tumours.

Mint, used in conjunction with salt and water can be used to create a better-tasting saline gargle, in order to clear up throat infections.

The pennyroyal variety of mint can be used as bug deterrent and is commonly used in spray form to repel ants and flies.

Treat Asthma Regular use of this herb is incredibly beneficial for asthma patients because it is a good relaxant and relieves congestion.

That being said, using an excessive amount of of it during this way also can irritate the nose and throat.

3. Mint Leaves act as a great appetizer.


Aid in Digestion Mint is a great appetizer or a palate cleanser. The aroma and benefits of mint leaves of the herb help to activate the salivary glands in your mouth. Also, because the glands, which secrete the digestive enzymes, thereby facilitating digestion.

It also soothes the stomach just in case of indigestion or inflammation. It is a potent remedy for relieving the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

A study conducted in 2013 reveals that the menthol present in mint has the power to alleviate diarrhoea. Also, if you’re someone who travels long distances via plane or boat, menthol oil derived from the mint has been often very soothing for nausea and related kinetosis.

4. Benefits mint Leaves can Prevent for Throat Infection


The strong aroma of the mint leaves, the herb is additionally very effective in clearing up congestion of the throat, bronchi, and lungs.

Which provides relief from respiratory disorders that usually result from asthma and customary colds. Because it cools and soothes the throat, nose and other respiratory channels. It also relieves the irritation which causes chronic coughing.

Helps in Breastfeeding for many women, breastfeeding is a beautiful part of raising a baby, but it can affect the breasts and nipples.

A ground work-study published within the International Breastfeeding Journal in 2007 has shown that mint oil helps reduce the nipple cracks and pain that usually accompany breastfeeding

Mint leaves



Great uses for Culinary using Mint leaves.


Mint leaves are a commonly used herb to cook with, it can add wonderful flavour to many dishes. The mint flower itself can also be eaten and can be a beautiful aromatic garnish as a final touch to any dish.

In Indian cuisine, Mint leaf is a common uses ingredient used their dishes. They prepared a lot of verities and side dishes with mint leaves. Mint chutney is the most popular sauce or dip in Indian cuisine.

The mint chutney accompanied by Indian snacks and starter, like Samoa, chicken tikka, onion bhaji and paneer tikka.

Mint is used as garnishing and flavouring agent for any Biriyani while Indian people prepared. Mint is very refreshing when added to iced drinks.

Place mint stalks into a bottle of water in the refrigerator and leave it for at least one hour. The water will then be infused with mint leaves and can be combined with fresh fruit and vegetables to create a very healthy and tasty beverage.

This is for which, the benefits Mint leaves are a great source of our health benefits and it enhances our immunity system. As a result, of it keep safe and fit us.